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 杉咲なぎさ                   Sanyo  


   语言:  日文                                                          Language:       Japan 
   身高:163Cm                                                      Height:            163Cm    
体重:100Lb                                           Weight:           100Lb
 三围:34F-22-36                                 Measurement:34F-22-36 

新到日本女优杉咲なぎさ,最新鲜水嫩哦~超难得~千万别错过!!水蛇小腰配F级大胸….身体超级敏感易动情 特别喜欢和哥哥浪漫调情..大眼睛 瓜子脸 长头发 薄薄的性感小嘴 给人一种犹如新鲜水果一般的感觉 让你情不自禁的咬一口…皮肤超雪白友嫩….最赞Av女优,全程好服务…性格好乖巧 保证哥哥们无投诉 在房里绝对是风骚型小萝莉….很多惊喜等待哥哥们的探寻…100%保证无投诉!

NEW Japanese amateur ”Sanyo“, Japan AV actress who came to Canada for the first time,   She has a small face, under her pretty eyebrows, her eyes are as happy as the soft moonlight, her big and bright eyes are charming, she has a delicate and cute nose, her smile is very friendly, like the warmth sunshine of winter. The all-natural body is slim and firm without extra fat, with a slim waist and a sexy peach buttocks, which are definitely the first choice for butt lovers. She has a cheerful and lively personality, gentle and playful, highly cooperative, responsive to requests, and has a first-class service attitude.

 普通服务  Regular service  250/30min  350/45min  450/60min( 做一次  one shot )


                                                                            700/90min (可以做两次  two shots )


普通服务包括 :  前后两次洗澡,水中萧,裸吹身体波推,漫游,按摩,69,爱一次


Regular  service included: shower together,bbbj ,massage, daty, 69,  sex one      


附加服务   Shot Extra service    :做多一次 Msog +80     口爆 Cim +40   毒龙  Rim+40                                   


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