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美乐蒂 Melody

个人资料 Detail

语言 Language:
身高 Height:
体重 Weight:
三围 Measurement:
英国 越南 US Vietnam
最新火爆推荐! 英国染越南网混血儿,性感炸裂身材,床上榨汁机~100%全部真人照片,纯天然爆乳导弹! 行走的荷尔蒙,全身上下都散发着性感氛围~妹子有着超强的欲望与需求,身体不会说谎,紧致粉色的蜜穴,一碰就湿,挑逗多几下,欲望的爱液就像水龙头一样哗啦啦流出,难以关闭! 妹子自拍的巨大 D cup 双乳,所看即所得,超级聚拢饱满隔着屏幕都能看得出大爆乳的柔软 Q 弹的手感U回搭配粉嫩的小乳头,看得让人心跳加速肾上腺飙升,只想一头扑进她的豪乳里深莲欧美的五官轮廓,又混合着亚洲的温柔脸孔,柔与刚结合的恰到好处!欢迎各位哥哥提前预的尝鲜哦 !
The latest hot recommendation! British-dyed Vietnamese mixed-race girl, sexy figure, juicer on the bed ~ 100% real photos, pure natural big breasts missiles! Walking hormones, exuding a sexy atmosphere from top to bottom ~ The girl has super desires and needs , the body doesn’t lie, the tight pink pussy is wet at the touch, if you tease it a few more times, the love juice of desire will flow out like a faucet, it’s hard to turn off! The girl’s huge D cup breasts are taken in selfies, what you see is what you get , super gathered and plump, you can see through the screen the soft Q-flexible feel of the big breasts and the small pink nipples, which makes your heart beat faster and your adrenal glands soar. You just want to plunge into her big breasts, European and American. The contours of the facial features are mixed with the gentle face of Asia, and the combination of softness and strength is just right! Brothers are welcome to try it in advance!
Regular service:


Regular service included:


shower together,bbbj , massage, daty, 69,  sex one

附加服务Shot Extra service:

做多一次 Msog +50 口爆 Cim+30

东莞服务 DongGuan service :

460/60min (可以做两次 Two shots )

东莞服务包括 :

可两次爱爱或者爱爱一次和口爆一次,前后两次鸳鸯 浴,水中萧,裸吹,毒龙,69,身体波推,漫游,按 摩,深情舌吻,送角色扮演制服 .

2shots or 1 shot cim,1 sex,rimming, shower together cold hot water bbbj,daty,69, dfk , bum pressure massage… boobs oil massage。

Working Time:

Monday to Sunday
12pm to 12am
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