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   名字:樱桃            国籍:中国 
160Cm      体重:90Lb               三围:34D-21-36          



            普通服务         220/30min  240/45min  280/60min(只做一次)


            普通服务包括 :前后两次洗澡,水中萧,裸吹身体波推,漫游,按


            附加服务          :做多一次+80   毒龙 +40  口爆 +40

            东莞服务          :360/60min (可以做两次 )

            东莞服务包括  :可两次爱爱或者爱爱一次和口爆一次,前后两次鸳鸯                           


                                                   摩,舌吻取决于小仙女,送角色扮演制服 .



Tel : 7782396091

             Age :21          Ethnicty:Chinese
    Height:160Cm     Weight:90Lb

                    Cherry From Chinese,She Will Take Care of You From Beginning until the End. Nothing will be Missed. Her Services are Unique. You Will Find No Other Like Her. Come Experience The Best Girl in Town. Her Perfect Body, Her Out-going Personality and Her Excellent Skills to Please Will Certainly Make You Want to Repeat. Non-Smoker,

Regular service: 220/30min 240/45min 280/60min(Only one shot )

                                         480/90min (2 shots )

Regular  service included: shower together,bbbj ,massage,daty,

                                                                   69,  sex one 

Shot Extra service: Second Shot +80  Rim +40  Cim +40

DongGuan Service: 360/60min  (2 shots)

Dongguan combo included: 2shots or 1 shot cim,1 sex,rimming

                                                                                     shower together cold  hot water bbbj

                                                                                     daty,69,  dfk depends on the girl,

                                                                                     bum pressure massage…  boobs oil


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